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Help us spread the word about Journey to Bethlehem 2007: 

Pick up flyers in the church foyer. Post at your place of work (if allowed). Some businesses allow the posting of flyers, others don't. It's common courtesy to ask before you post. It's OK if they don't allow you to post. You don't know unless you ask. 

Pick up postcards in the church foyer. Take a small stack with you. Hand them out. Share them. Pass them out. Mail them. Give them away. Don't let them stay in your car trunk! 

Share the slideshow invitation. Place in on your personal website or blog. 

Create a J2B email signature. Use the provided sample, or create one of your own. Be sure to include a hyperlink back to http://aaachurch.org. 

Talk. There is no reason to be shy. Journey to Bethlehem is a fantastic event to invite your friends and family to attend. Don't forget about other people you regularly interact with: people in your community classes, colleagues, salespeople, your doctors, whoever you come in contact with. One person last year even invited a bank teller. Speak up, don't be shy. Place a phone call. Send an e-mail. Share a postcard.