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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ticketing different this year?
No, It is the same as last year.  In order to accommodate the large number of guests and try to eliminate large numbers of no-shows we are using itickets to process our tickets.  

Is there Group ticketing?
Groups are more than welcome, but we do not have a special process or tickets for groups.  Just order as many tickets as you need for your group.  *Note Groups larger than 25 will be placed in seperate Journey's as each "Journey group" is not bigger than 25.  

How much does it cost?
Each ticket is $6.00 plus handling fees. ($1.00 per ticket is donated to Auburn Food Bank) Children ages 2 and under are free but they need a ticket.

Do I need to get a ticket for my children?
Yes!  EVERYONE needs a ticket!

May I get a refund if I am unable to come?
Unfortunately, not.  Because of the iticketing process we are unable to give refunds.  Please consider it a donation.

How soon should I arrive for my Journey?
In order to accommodate parking, time to pick up your group ticket number and any other special needs, please come 45 minutes before your ticket time.

Can you guarantee my ticket time?
The time you registered for is not an exact tour time.  Each Journey leaves every 5 mins. the time you reserved is within a 1/2 hr time slot. ie: a Journey scheduled for 6:00pm will leave between 6:00pm & 6:30pm. By reserving online, we do guarantee your wait time will be shortened significantly.

May I make a donation?
You certainly may.  At the end of the Journey, you will have an opportunity to make a financial donation to make sure the program can continue in the future and give to the Auburn Food Bank.  We have had a long-standing commitment to giving back to the community.

How can I be involved?
There are several ways to be involved.  Donations are always appreciated.  But if you would like to be a part of the musical performances or acting, please contact the church office at 253-833-5853 for more information.

Where does the Journey begin?
The Journey begins in the Auburn Adventist Academy Church.  Pick up your tickets in the lobby.  

Where do I park?
There will be signs and traffic personell directing traffic through the academy campus to a large parking area.   

How much time will it take?
The Journey takes approximately 45 minutes once you leave.  But you should allow for up to 2 hours of your evening for the entire experience.

How far will I have to walk?
Once your Journey begins, you will be on your feet for about 45 minutes.  Wear warm, comfortable shoes.  A few wheelchairs are available upon request.  However, in order to assure you have one if needed, we suggest that you bring your own.

What accommodations are made for handicapped individuals?
Journey to Bethlehem is wheelchair accessible. Handicapped individuals may be dropped off in front of the church. Those driving may park in the lot directly across from the church.    

Will the program be canceled for rain?
To this point the program has never been canceled.  If it is lightly raining, bring your umbrella.  If there is severe weather, cancellations will be posted on this website.

What is there to do while I wait?
We’ve planned a beautiful live, music concert in the church.

May I bring my dog?
Because of the wide array of animals involved in the program, we ask that you please do not bring your pets.