Jesus asked His disciples to serve the world by sharing the hope and wholeness of the gospel to all the world (Matt. 28).


AAA Church has a specific ministry area in Auburn, Washington, with rippling effects beyond this community.

Members of all ages find different and creative ways to serve as a result of loving God and connecting with people. All volunteers are background screened for the safety of everyone.

Journey Volunteers

Journey to Bethlehem (J2B) involves 400-500 cast members from AAA Church and 10-12 neighboring churches. Journey to the Cross (J2C) features 125 cast members featuring high school students and adults from a handful of church partners.

Church Volunteers

People make up the church, and it is a great honor to serve the church family and community. Our leadership network of volunteers serve as elders, deacons, Bible study leaders, small group leaders, worship team, and much, much more. It takes 200+ volunteer leaders, who are committed to serving God and serving others, to make the ministries of AAA Church function!

Community Service

AAA Church frequently partners with Auburn Adventist Academy and the City of Auburn to meet specific needs in our community such as landscaping, property clean-up for the elderly, and painting projects. Willing and skilled volunteers are always appreciated!

Mission Trips

AAA Church annually sends short-term missionaries to the Philippines with In His Service Amianan. With 20+ years of history, 500+ student and adult volunteers have a long-term connection to a specific community to meet their education and healthcare needs through building and expanding facilities. Many mission volunteers return again and again to serve the Pagudpud community!


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